The draw for the Global Champions League on Sunday

The starting order for Sunday’s Global Champions League competition in Miami Beach was decided by a special draw yesterday. The teams were selected at random and paired with a number, also selected at random, to define the starting order for the event. The team will decide which rider will compete first or second within each individual team. GCL Judge Jean-Loup Caplain was on hand to relay the starting order, with riders, managers and members of the press watching on.

The full team starting order is as follows:

1. Antwerp Diamonds
2. Cascais Charms
3. Monaco Aces
4. Shanghai Swans
5. Miami Glory
6. Valkenswaard United
7. Doha Fursan Qatar
8. Vienna Eagles
9. Madrid in Motion
10. Paris Jets
11. Rome Gladiators
12. Cannes Stars

Speaking about the revolutionary new format, leading US rider Kent Farrington (Miami Glory) said: “It’s fun to ride with your friends. We’re used to being fierce competitors and now we get to ride on the same team. It’s top level sport and it’s high prize money. For the fans I think they’re seeing the sport at its highest level.”

Team mate and world number 3 Scott Brash (GBR) agreed: “I think the new Global Champions League is going to revolutionise the sport – it’s going to be very exciting, and very interesting. We’re all looking forward to it.”

Team owner and rider Georgina Bloomberg (USA) of the Miami Glory, who will compete this weekend at their home event, spoke of the new competition and the fantastic addition it brings to the sport: “Global Champions League is a great concept – it will be something new to add to the sport of showjumping.”


Photo Credit : Steffano Grasso / GCL

Press Release : GCL