esmtoday is a subdivision of ESM, LLC. (Equestrian Sports Marketing LLC.)

ESM LLC., founded in 2010, currently owned and managed by Ahmed Hussein and Adham Samir.

Ahmed Hussein and Adham Samir
Ahmed Hussein and Adham Samir

Our goal is to promote the equestrian sport to reach the same level as more exposed sports.

As avid horsemen, we understand the soul of equestrians and equine business. For more than thirthy years we have been involved with the equestrian industry as riders, competitors, trainers, event organizers and equestrian facility managers.

We actively seek to expand our expertise to promote the equestrian sport to reach the same level as more exposed sports. That is the basic building block for starting ESM, which is Egypt’s premier equestrian industry marketing and communication service provider linked with the phenomenal development of the equestrian sport in Egypt, the Arab world and Internationally.

Our particular areas of interest include show organization, clinic management, sponsorship management, e-marketing, web development and consulting, advertising, media buying/planning, image creation, marketing plans and market research.

We started esmtoday.com to create value, spread news and useful information to horse people and build an equestrian online community, getting equestrians and non-equestrians connected, all for one aim, which is spreading the equestrian lifestyle into the society, to uplift our equestrian sport into a higher hierarchy among other sports nationally and internationally.


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