Philipp Wieshaupt & LB Convall win the CHIO Aachen Rolex Grand Prix

Germany’s Philipp Wieshaupt & the just 9- year old grey Stallion by Colman LB Convall captured the massive prize of the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen to pocket an equally massive cheque of 330,000 Euro in prize money and please his home crowd after a fantastic performance and being the only combination to leave the rails up in both rounds. In second place, Great Britain’s Scott Brash proved once more that he be on the podium in such a Grand Prix with a horse other than Hello Sanctos, this time with Ursula XII placing second and finishing on a total of 4 points from the first round which was not a walk in the park even for the best in the World. Spain’s Sergio Alvarez Moya & Carlo 273 ended third in Frank Rothenburger’s huge track which was not only built to the maximum but also the time allowed was very controversial.

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Photo Source : Aachen FN Presse