McLain Ward wins the $400,000 ATCO Power Queen Elizabeth II Cup at Spruce Meadows

McLain Ward (USA) & HH Azur, champions of the $400,000 ATCO Power Queen Elizabeth II Cup

Silver and bronze is also claimed by the stars and stripes with Beezie Madden & Cortes C, and Todd Minikus & Babalou 41.

McLain Ward

“This was a class that is coveted that I had always wanted to win. I think I’ve come with a lot of great entries including Sapphire over the years, taking a good shot, and every time Beezie beat me, and one time Eric Lamaze beat me, so it means a lot and I’m really excited about this horse in my life. To see her step up, this is her first major Grand Prix, and it’s an incredible horse”. – McLain Ward

Full results of the GP click here

News and photo Source: Spruce Meadows on fb