Horse Interview with the winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen : L.B Convall

A couple of weeks ago, Philipp Weishaupt & 9 – year old L.B Convall crashed headlines and social media networks as winners of the Aachen Grand Prix which is whispered among horse enthusiasts around the World as the ” Mecca” of the Show jumping sport. Questions flew out & about; Who is L.B Convall ? How did you manage to win the biggest and most difficult Grand Prix in the World? Well, esmtoday decided to go directly to the “person” in question and that would be L.B Convall !


So, you were born and produced at the Liebherr family, is that where you got your name from?

Actually, I was bred by Mr. Rolfs Ernst Carsten back in 2007 as a Holsteiner Stallion. I’m owned by Mr. Hans Liebherr ( hence the prefix L.B on my name like you said) and I currently live in Riesenbeck at Stal Beerbaum.

Tell us about your daily routine.

Everyday I go for an hour in the walker, Philipp rides me everyday or sometimes I get lunged. If the weather permits and the sun is out, they take me out in the field so I can relax, be lazy and just enjoy the sun !



Photo Source : Lisa Fundis / Peggy Schroder


Can you tell us about your home Stal Beerbaum and what do you see there?

I live in one of the most famous stables in the World, that of Ludger Beerbaum in Germany which is like a 5-star hotel. My neighbours are Baloutelli and Lord Chambertin. I’m actually quite nice with other horses even though I’m a Stallion !

Tell us about your groom Lisa.

I like to spend time with her, even when she’s brushing me, playing me or even talking with me. Sometimes when I’m sleeping she sits in my box and we smooch !!



Going down in history as one of the glorious winners of the Grand Prix of Aachen, how does it make you feel? 

To read my name on the same wall with horses like Ratina Z, Goldfever, Shutterfly, Hickstead and Hello Sanctos and many other awesome horses it makes me so proud of myself. I never jumped in front of so many people like in Aachen ! That feeling when I went in the arena with Philipp was indescribable.

Tell us about Phillip and what exercises do you do at home?

Working with Philipp is really nice because he knows what he wants and he trusts me so I always feel good with him being my rider. At home we change nothing, for sure now the whole World knows that I (L.B Convall) can win a Grand Prix like Aachen !




Are you doing any breeding at all? You are a very handsome looking horse and especially now you are the winner of the most famous Grand Prix in the World, so for sure a lot of breeders must want you as the father of their foals.

Hmmm… That breeding part, I don’t know but the future plan is to do that. I will let you know as soon as they decide on that !


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* Special thanks to Lisa Fundis for her help.