GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix triumph for Pius Schwizer

Pius Schwizer

Olympic winners, world and European champions, one third of the top 100 in the world rankings, four of them among the top ten – the second five-star staging of International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER was a show jumping event in the top league, which reached a climax like a real-life thriller at today’s GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix. An air of excitement greeted each and every one of the 40 participants they observed on the course over 1.60 m. The spectators went wild at each new start. After all, this competition wasn’t just about prize money totalling 400,000 euros or points for the Longines world rankings. For the riders this was also a potential route to qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (BRA).

Ten of the duos who entered remained penalty-free in the basic round, earning the chance to prove themselves a second time in the jump-off. It was exciting right to the end, because twice winner and title defender of the GLOCK’s Grand Prix, John Whitaker (GBR), completed his clear basic round on his impressive AES stallion Argento as the last rider, thereby qualifying for the decider. But a knockdown at the third obstacle in the jump-off spelt doom, knocking him back to seventh place.

After this fault it was clear: victory in the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix 2015 went to the 2008 Olympic team bronze winner and current number 42 in the world: Pius Schwizer (SUI) on PSG Future! As the fourth rider in this jump-off, everything went right for him, as his supremely agile yet always careful Holsteiner gelding, PSG Future, executed each change of direction at full gallop, with a perfect approach to the mighty final GLOCK oxer. The time of 42.84 seconds was more than enough for victory. “I’d like to thank the owner of PSG Future and, above all, the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family. Nothing could be more beautiful than this tournament; the conditions for our sport, the catering, the people, everything that’s going on and the whole setting, it’s unique and, as far as I’m concerned, it could certainly continue. I’ll never forget this day!” said a clearly emotional GLOCK’s Grand Prix first-time winner.

Second-placed US-American Lauren Hough, with her Ohlala, daughter of Orlando, completed the course penalty-free in 45.44 seconds, thereby taking second place, while third place went to Willem Greve (NED) in the saddle on the powerful Holsteiner stallion Carambole N.O.P.

Int. jumping competition with jump off 1.60 m
Competition counts for the LONGINES Ranking list
1. PSG Future – Schwizer, Pius (SUI) 0/42.84 jump-off
2. Ohlala – Hough, Lauren (USA) 0/45.44 jump-off
3. Carambole N.O.P. – Greve, Willem (NED) 0/46.24 jump-off
4. AD Living The Dream – de Miranda, Doda (BRA) 0/46.91 jump-off
5. Mcb Ulke – Bruggink, Gert-Jan (NED) 4/43.54 jump-off
6. Rock’n Roll Semilly – Modolo Zanotelli, Marlon (BRA) 4/44.40 jump-off
7. Argento – Whitaker, John (GBR) 4/47.61 jump-off
8. Challenge v.d. Begijnakker – Philippaerts, Nicola (BEL) 4/47.91 jump-off
9. Lord Pepsi – Estermann, Paul (SUI) 4/47.93 jump-off
10.Quite Cassini – Kermond, Jamie (AUS) 12/47.25 jump-off
11.Admara 2 – Gaudiano, Emanuele (ITA) 4/76.56 sec
12.Caretina de Joter – Tops-Alexander, Edwina (AUS) 4/77.32 sec

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