FEI Bureau Spring in – person meeting – main decisions

Following the full-day session on FEI Officials at the FEI Sports Forum, the Bureau agreed to set up a working group to focus on harmonising the education, core roles, appointment, remuneration and promotion of FEI Officials on a global basis and across all FEI disciplines. The composition of the working group will be proposed in due course. The Bureau concluded that it should be teams of three and one individual per nation for the Olympic Games and the Bureau asked the Technical Committees to finalise their proposals in that direction to be submitted to National Federations prior to a vote at the General Assembly in November.

In addition, all Technical Committees were asked to take on board the contents of the Sports Forum debate and incorporate into their proposals for the formats of the competitions. The Bureau asked all the Technical Committees to work in the same direction for the FEI World Equestrian Games™ but understands that differences across the disciplines are still possible.

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