Exclusive Horse Interview with : Karim El Zoghby’s Amelia


In the equestrian world, some horses come and go without leaving a mark. But some others cross our path and change our bearings entirely. This is the latter … Amelia is that one mare that altered the career of Egyptian Olympian Karim El Zoghby.

There’s no doubt that Karim El Zoghby and that rather acrobatic mare by Cantos and out of a Dam by Numero Uno have clinched a decent number of Grand Prix victories at top venues like Madrid, Al Ain, Dinard, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Drachten, Lummen, La Coruna as well as Abu Dhabi and have already one appearance at the World Equestrian Games to rub shoulders with the very best in the show jumping World.

Karim El Zoghby aimed Amelia at every possible opportunity for a qualification for the Rio Olympics and after much effort paid in sweat & blood … the mare was up for the task and she won the only seat for Egypt. 

Our very unique horse interview goes out to the Dutch based and born mare with the help of her groom Martin Collins.



Photo Source : www.karimelzoghby.com


Tell us first about your time in Egypt and do you remember when you won the Medium Grand Prix of Amman as a 7-year old en route to Europe?

Mmmm … Actually, I don’t really remember a lot about Egypt I was younger and little bit stressed and excited. But it was really hot there – I can’t forget that !

But Amman, yea … I remember that quite well with Sameh El Dahan, that was the spark to an International career. We had to go through Jordan to get to Europe …. to eventually meet Karim !


How was the first time Karim rode you? And what was your first experience like in Europe?

First time Karim rode me? (laughs) Well … I tried to push him to his limits. I wasn’t so easy and maybe not so well behaved. So I tried my usual tricks to see if he was brave. But we came to an agreement :  You look after me, I’ll look after you. 

Being back in Europe was nice … Green grass again ! But of course it was colder after being in Egypt but I got an extra blanket as I like being warm and cozy.



Photo Source : Martin Collins


What can you say about your owner Mr. Samir Abdel Fattah?

Papi Samir is so good to me … He found me a great match with Karim and left me with him. Every time he comes to see me he always has sugar or carrots for me … He always gives me kisses. When we are at the shows, he is always so nervous but he’s always so proud of me. I’m his girl …


Tell us about Karim El Zoghby.

Karim El Zoghby is a funny guy ! He knows me inside out … He also knows when I’m good to work or when to rest me. He always comes at night to check on me – but not only me, all of us at the barn expect to see him late at night when he likes to make sure we are all fine. 

Karim knows how I think and works me differently … Sometimes he pushes me but I always fight for him and we get great results together – he knows how to get the best out of me.


What’s your daily routine and what can you say about your groom Martin?

My routine starts with breakfast at 6 am, then I go to the walker from 7 till 8.30 am and then Karim rides me … usually flat work and then I get back and Martin my groom cleans me up and gives me a massage and puts my blanket back on until noon and that’s when I get my lunch. Till 4 pm it’s field time and then I go back to the walker at 5pm and then dinner and hay is served …. the day then ends for me ! 

Of course, Martin & Karim will come visit at different times, so I’m always expecting them … they like to make sure the Princess of the stable is fine !

As for Martin, well he’s Irish so sometimes I really don’t understand him so I just smile and nod. He looks after my every need because – like I said – I am the Princess of the stable. He massages me, he brushes me and he does my nails … He likes to take me to nice sand at shows so I can roll – which I love so much.

Martin is also my coiffeur, he does my hair, washes me and drives me everywhere. He’s been looking after me since the end of my 8th year, so he came with me to our World Championships in Normandy, and he will come to Rio with me …



Photo Source : Martin Collins – Facebook


Are you on a specific diet or supplement?

I’m only eating Red Mills feed – which is like foie gras in your world ! Charlie, Karim and Martin watch my diet. My supplements are oil, garlic and honey … I’m very easy with that.


What was your best and worst show experiences?

Hmmmm…. I think my best experience has to be when I was 9 years old and my first 5-star show was in Lummen, because from that show we qualified for the WEG – I was the only clear in the class ! My worst experience was in Egypt unfortunately, I was so stressed and nervous, maybe it was because I was still young, and the weather was too hot for me.


What do you think Karim has in mind for you now before the Olympics?

Karim has talked and talked with me about this. We started back slowly after we qualified for Rio as I jumped 15 months all over the World. So I got a nice holiday and did some CSI1* shows to start back which was fun and easy. We went to Bolesworth in England last week and we are now in Rotterdam now but after that he still needs to talk to me. But I’m sure he will keep me happy and fit for jumping at the Olympics in Rio.



Photo Source : www.karimelzoghby.com


When will you fly to Rio? And do you like flying?

I will fly on the 6th of August to Rio ! Charlie and Martin have told me already … Martin has to fly the day before as he is not on the same flight with me, but he’ll be waiting for me at the other end. So Charlie will take me to the airport – but I love flying. Usually I’m flying with my friends from the stable but this time I’ll be alone, but I don’t mind I’m a tough girl. 

The service on the planes are usually nice, the hostess serves me hay and water. Sometimes on the long trips they put a movie on for us, maybe Black Beauty or Sea-biscuit this time ?? who knows !



Photo Source : Martin Collins


Main Photo Source : www.karimelzoghby.com