Ahmed Alaa Ragab wins the Egyptian Showjumping Championships Final 2016

Huge congratulations to Ahmed Ragab of Alexandria who has won the overall league of the Egyptian Championships 2016 of the A1 class with Campari. In equal second Mohamed Medhat Sadek and Mostafa El Husseini. In fourth Ahmed Ragab once more followed by Mohamed Taher Zeyada and Amina Ammar in fifth and sixth place respectively.

Ahmed Ragab quoted : ” I will always remember this weekend … I started in third place going into the final after a long and hectic season and thanks to my horse Campari and team we ended up winning the final and thus winning the championships. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people I love and care about but they know who they are and of course a big thanks to my competitors, winning amongst you all great riders just blew it out of proportion for me.”



Main Photo Credit : esmtoday