19 Nations to compete at the CSI*5 of Dinard

For its comeback at the highest level, the International Jumping of Dinard shows a strong panel of riders, up to its five stars.

From 30th July to 2nd August, no less than 19 nations, out of the 23 engaged in all levels of competitions, will be represented in this first CSI5* of Brittany organised at the Val Porée.

Karim El Zoghby

47 riders and 114 horses will compete in the six classes of the CSI5*

KUTSCHER Marco (world n°19, individual and bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics, team European champion), riding 2 horses
WILL David, riding 2 horses

KERMOND Jamie, riding 2 horses
TOPS-ALEXANDER Edwina (world n° 27, riding 3 horses),

GUERY Jérôme, riding 3 horses
PHILIPPAERTS Nicola, riding 3 horses
WATHELET Grégory (world n°14), riding 3 horses

PESSOA Rodriguo (Olympic champion 2004) riding 3 horses
VENISS Pedro (team 5th at the WEG 2014) riding 3 horses

CHAD Kara, riding 2 horses
FOSTER Tiffany, riding 2 horses
LAMAZE Eric (world n°40, 2008 Olympic champion), riding 2 horses

ELZOGHBY Karim (winner of the CSI4* Grand Prix of the city of Dinard in 2014) riding 3 horses

TRAPOTE Armando, riding 2 horses

ANCIAUME Timothée (French champion) riding 2 horses
ANGOT Cédric, riding 3 horses BILLOT Mathieu, riding 2 horses
BORRIN Alexis, riding 2 horses
DAVID Frédéric, riding 2 horses
DE PONNAT Aymeric (2nd at the Rotterdam World Cup 2015, team 4th at the Euro 2013), riding 2 horses
DELMOTTE Nicolas, riding 3 horses
EPAILLARD Julien, riding 3 horses
GEORGE Emeric, riding 2 horses
GUILLON Olivier (team vice world champion 2010), riding 2 horses
HUREL Jérôme (2nd at the Rotterdam World Cup 2015) riding 2 horses
NICOLAS Caroline, riding 1 horse
STAUT Kevin (world n°13, team vice world champion 2014 and 2010), riding 3 horses

RENWICK Laura, riding 3 horses

KENNY Darragh (world n°35), riding 3 horses
TWOMEY Billy, riding 3 horses
ALLEN Bertram (world n°7)

FRANCO Francesco, riding 3 horses
GAUDIANO Emanuele (world n°39), riding 3 horses
MONETA Luca Maria, riding 3 horses

OUADDAR Abdelkebir (world n°46, 11th at the World Cup final 2014) riding 3 horses

AZCARRAGA Jaime, riding 2 horses

HOUTZAGER Marc (Olympic vice champion 2012), riding 3 horses

MOHAMMED Bassem Hassan (world n°43, team gold medal at the Asian Games 2014), riding 2 horses

GISLER Claudia, riding 2 horses
RUTSCHI Niklaus, riding 2 horses

MORDASINI Charlotte, riding 2 horses

COE Kirsten, riding 2 horses
FARRINGTON Kent (world n°3, team 3rd at the WEG 2014) riding 2 horses
HOUGH Lauren (world n°25, team 3rd at the Panamerican Games 200 and team gold medal in 2003), riding 2 horses
KESSLER Reed (team 6th at the Olympics 2012), riding 2 horses
TOWELL Jack, riding 2 horses

RODRIGUEZ Andres (team 3rd at the Central America and Caribean Games 2014), riding 2 horses

In the other competitions:

The CSI2* will welcome 63 riders, 106 horses representing 15 nations (AUS, BEL, CAN, DOM, EGY, SPA, FRA, GBR, GER, IRL, MEX, NOR, POR, SWITZ, USA).
The CSI1* will bring together 43 pairs representing 7 nations (AUS, CAN, EGY, FRA, GBR, MON, USA).
The 6 and 7 year old classes (CSIYH) will line up 67 international young horses

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Photo: Karim ELZOGHBY (EGY) winner of the CSI4* Grand Prix of the city of Dinard in 2014 – Source: jumpingdinard.com